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A country of fun-loving and friendly people who appreciate and value all beings. The nation is rich in traditional cultures as well as modern technological advancements. It is a tingly mix of the two and appealing to the visitors. Its rich glittering temples as well as refreshing beaches are beauty to acknowledge. Most of the food materials which are prepared in Thailand are organic. Sourced from the traditional fields and sea foods, its worth a taste. Most of the flavorful ingredients that are used in food preparation across the globe, are sourced from Thailand. This make Thailand a real source of most of the valuable tastes in the world. The forests in Thailand are also appealing to nature lovers as they are principally kept intact and well protected as a way of advancing the aesthetic value of the country. Name it, the waterfalls, valleys, protruding interlocking spurs and promontories characterize the Thai rivers all the way to the deltas at the sea shores.
Chiang Mai is offers a wonderful sacred place where meditations have been made since time immemorial. Taking a walk along the Thai beaches will greet you with beautiful sand between the toes which print indelible mark in the heart of the visitors. Visit Thaland for these and many more!


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