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WColombia is boasting of South American’s ambience featuring the summit of Andes, pristine coastline, the jungle of Amazon being the world’s largest Tropical Rainforest and pre-historic ruins and cultures.

Beautiful People

Among the archaeological ruins features Parque Arqueologico which is located on 75 acres piece of land approximately 2.5 kilometers off San Agustin. The park features over 130 statues.

Colombia Venezuela Border

Well-known Piedra del Penol is also located in the Colombia, which is a granite monolith cruising 200m height. It has magnificent 659 steps to climb to reach the top from where the ground below is appealing to look. 

Piedra del Penol

Visiting the country will not be complete without visiting Museo Casa de la Memoria. Here, the wall of memory is situated to demarcate the historical urban conflict.

Museo del Oro would also appear as one place to visit in Colombia with more than half a million pieces of gold. 

Moreover, one would also quench the thirst of visiting Colombia by visiting Old Town. The Praque Nacional Natural El Cocuy which is one of the most spectacular national parks in the country. All 15 paeaks in the park are above 5000 metres above the sea level. 

To sum it up, a visit to Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino in Santa Marta. This historic site houses the remains of Simon Boliver of 1830.

Considering these, Colombia is a place to be to enjoy nature and culture at their best.  


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