Wednesday Winners

Its time for Wednesday Winners!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner we can’t help but we excited for all the festivities and food coming out way. This gallery is a compilation of all things that are great in this world. Colors and how we seem them really have an impact on our interpretations and perceptions.

In today’s Wednesday winners we will look across colors in different settings. You decide how this impacts what you see.

There is a little bit of animals, travel, nature and of course FOOD. Whats your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Colorful Bird
Views from an Airplane
Wing Span of a Plane
Plitvice Lakes, Slovenia
Lovely Day Out
Aerial Views of Haulover Beach Inlet
Italian Pizza
Seafood Pasta
Aerial Views of Venice
delicious calamari
Giraffes In the Wild
Massive Alligator
bald American eagle
Victoria Falls
the moon halfway full
aerial view of river
Bled, Slovenia

Thanks for going through our gallery. We hope you enjoyed it. 

If you have any feedback or anything you want to see more of, just leave drop us a line or two.


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