The MONSTROUS 219-inch TV

There is essence behind this television being called ‘The Wall’.

It is no doubt that Samsung’s ‘The wall’ is going to increasingly gain recognition among the potential buyers. This is because of its fascinating features that were noted during its circulation in the previous month. Notably, the wall has an infinite capacity for expansion that makes it a high-definition modular television.

Most importantly, the South Korean electronics has proceeded to make plans to showcase the 219-inch Television at the Consume Electronics Show as mentioned in the previous year. According to the business insider, it is not all about the huge size, but the striking features ‘the wall’ has. In regard to this, the reports indicate that it well equipped with Al-upscaling technologies and has Samsung’s MicroLED. Therefore contributing to the high quality in its pictures together with brightness of about 2000 units. 

With the semblance of Samsung’s ‘The frame’, it also runs some of the artworks when idle through a customized program. In addition to this, ‘The wall’ displays a home décor especially when it blends well with the surface that is behind it.

As said by the Samsung Product planner, Sangun Yoon,’ the wall was developed so that one side of the room can be adorned by the screen. Yes, it is coming so ‘soon’.


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