The Italian Way

Italy acts as a home to the great works in gastronomy, architecture and artistic flair. Most importantly, Italy stands out to be inspiring, elating and an outstanding country to visit.

Italy is the Roman Empire epicentre and the Renaissance birthplace. It is culturally rich with a good number of Unesco World Heritage cultural sites than any other country across the globe. As a cultural conundrum, it is so thrilling and breath-taking. This is principally evident in the Ravenna’s glittering Byzantine treasures in the Pompeii’s ancient Romans.

It is rare to find a locality whereby the life and art mingle so freely and seamlessly as it does in Italy. This makes the country exceptional and interesting to visit and get the experience. Practically, style, flair and beauty form part of the artistic joy.

There are endless feasts for the food-obsessed Italians through which the Christmas stocking is stuffed during such parties. The velvety cannoli delicacy creates a beautiful revelation from the feasters. The secret being perfect ingredients and the perfect cooking knowledge among the Italians which has been passed on from generations immemorial. In San Pellegrino, there is a fine-dining destination that is characterized with wine-taking events.

Moreover, there are spectacular landscapes with wide diversity of extraordinary flora and fauna. Italy has glacial lakes, fiery craters, powdery slopes and Alps. These leaves every visitor yearning to extend their stay.


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