The Future of Cars

The future is here with us.

Imaginations into the future with the technology and released sci-fi depict easy travels space travel and flying cars. A shift from globally community to cosmic home and space travels. 

Some visions may be futile like those of Boston Dynamics and Elon Musk, however, following the vertical takeoff and landing that was introduced during CES 2019 by Bell that is Uber partner sounds plausible. 

Criticisms on Bell’s model claim that the introduction was on the least, a model. A working prototype may take time to accomplish. The question remains over what the prototype will resemble once launched. 

At projected capacity of 600lbs and reliance on durable hybrid electric engine. They fly above selected cities by mid-2020s will be safe and comfortable. 

The verge reports, “Over 19 companies are eyeing development of flying cars with Boeing, Airbus and Kitty Hawk paving the way faster. Connections between Uber and a number of regulators, manufacturers, and real estate firms places it at a better ground to launch on-demand flying taxi.

Leveraging on the clean electric energy and soaring in the sky, Bell’s proposal seems perfect. For the busy cities where driving on the ground is rather nightmare. Utility poles, cables and pylons may need consideration too. 


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