Terrific Terrain

We’ve been everywhere from northern Asia to Southeast Asia experiencing terrific terrain across all the diverse destinations we’ve had the pleasure of visiting. 

We went from rice fields in good ol’ Bali to the bustling city scapes of Tokyo. In the midst of everything we came across some fantastic and friendly people.

First off we will begin by talking a bit about Bali, more specifically, Ubud. Ubud is located right in the center of the island of Bali. It is known for its diversely luscious ecosystem and jungly vibes. 

We visited many temples and rice fields on our tour of this beautiful destination. Below you can see the famous Tegalalang rice fields. They are a UNESCO protected world heritage site where today rice is still grown the traditional way.

Rice Fields in Ubud, Bali
Somewhere over the Indian Ocean
Views from Bali
Hong Kong, SAR
Loving Life

Nishiki Market is know for its outstanding array of Japanese cuisine. Here you will find a diversely distinct amount of different dishes both traditional and modern offered by Japan. Nishiki market is located in Kyoto, Japan and is a must see if you ever visit this wonderful destination.

Nishiki Market in Kyoto
Hollywood Beach, FL
Tokyo, Japan
Tree of Life in Siem Reap
Drone Views from Rice Fields in Bali
Feeling Great
Arashiyama Water
Views from Takayama, Japan
Deer in Nara, Japan
Nice Summer Day
Sake Casks in Tokyo
Metro System in Tokyo
Big Apple
Akihabara Arcades

Thanks for going through our gallery. We hope you enjoyed it. 

If you have any feedback or anything you want to see more of, just leave drop us a line or two.


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