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This is a breathtaking northern destination which is attracting visitors from all over the world. Let us see why. This is a country with vast diversity in landscape all the way from volcanic features such as geysers, mud pots and ice covered volcanoes. The scenery in the country is transfixing every visitor and brings satisfaction in this land located close to the North Pole. The geothermal lagoons in the country are a splendor and offer magnificent view which bewilders most visiting troops. Cultural patterns of the country also grant it some of the best known poets who reveal the culture of the “hidden people”. The Nordic Nirvana culture of the people of Iceland has transcended several years from medieval sagas to the modern world thrillers. Visiting the country will take to the world’s most northerly capital which is a rare visual appraisal to embrace. The industrious nature of the nationals of the country has enabled it to host more than six times its population every year let alone the continuous monitoring of up to 30 volcanoes which can erupt any time. Icelanders are managing these and surprisingly still have time to nurture their traditional culture and music together with natty knitwear. Wonder world to visit. Welcome to Iceland.


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