Spain Has Your Heart

How diverse do you imagine Spain to be? You will be surprised how this European country is diverse and beautiful. You may have thought about countries lying within the Mediterranean as the only as unique. Let’s take a look at Spain.

The country has some of the most beautiful mountain ranges. Both Pyrenees and Picos de Europa are located in Spain. This gives it a topography a unique look which is appealing to visitors. Numerous villages can be found in the hilltops. They are also located in the valleys and span the stretch of the beautiful coastline of the country. 

The kinds of food prepared in Spain are uniquely appetizing. The methods used in the preparation of such food materials have been passed on over the generations to the contemporary society.

All the traditional artifacts of the country are still left intact. They depict traditional practices as well as rituals and religious affiliations of Spanish society. In addition, its known for the fiestas and flamenco. These are staples in modern Spanish society. No matter how heavy your heart is. It won’t take long before you start nodding in appreciation of the country. This is nowhere else, but, Spain. 


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