She Might Never Date Again

“I will not date again this year or maybe ever,” says Ariana Grande

Every woman who has experienced any breakup might have said this familiar phrase: “I am not dating again.”

Ariana Grande

Following her painful breakup with SNL funnyman Pete Davison, Ariana Grande declared that she is not interested in dating any more. She said that she won’t date again for the rest of the year, or maybe in her entire life.

She uttered the sentiments on Twitter saying that she is out of the dating game. A fan of hers provoked her thoughts by replying to one of the articles which read: “Who is in a relationship with Ariana now?” by replying: “Spoiler. I am the one!”

Source: Ariana Grande Twitter

The response from the pop star seemed like a joke but here is what she had to say:

“Spoiler for my entire life or the rest of this year. I am dating no one. Please use this tweet as a reference to answer your future questions.” She expressed her heartfelt pain of a breakup.


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