Oh Canada!

Canada has a lot to be spoken about other than its craggy-coast and its hulking mountains. It comes second when ranked with others as the biggest country and is characterized by a variety of landscapes. These include: the spectral rainforests, glinting glaciers, the high mountains. All this together with the beaches are of great importance in Canada.

The animals such as polar bears, moose and the whales also contribute to Canada’s charms. The great outdoor activities enjoyed by the tourists include snowboarding, swimming in the pink-sand beaches, strolling through the Vancouver’s Stanley Park and also surfing.

Additionally, Canada is characterized by captivating cultures such as a sip of café au lait  in Montreal. Also, the Breton Island Celtic party wild-fighting and the kayak in the Aboriginal villages form part of the cultures in Canada.

One of the most iconic dishes in Canada is the smorgasbord. This involves the mouth-watering velvety scallops, lobsters and wild salmon.

Of so much importance to the Canada’s cultural landscape is its artistic flair. Their artistic exhibitions are mostly found in the international Fringe Theatre Festivals and also in the mega museums in Ottawa. Similarly, Toronto’s star-studded film festival together with Montreal’s Jazz festival was seen to attract multitude of fans across the globe.


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