Mugger Messes With the Wrong Girl

“‘Call the police!’ he exclaimed, because he was scared I was going to beat him up more.”

Tables were turned on a mugger who destined to rob Brazilian UFC fighter Polyana Viana while she was waiting for an Uber in Rio de Janeiro. A later interview with MMAJunkie recounts what transpired.

“The mugger approached me and asked for the time which I said according to my cellphone and returned it in my waist when I realized he wasn’t satisfied.”

“In a soft tone, he said, ‘Surrender the phone, raise no alarm’ as he drew his hand towards what I immediately realized was a toy-gun and later confirmed to be a pistol-shaped carton cut-out. 

“Upon realizing that he won’t have time to reach the ‘gun’ I made hay while the sun shines, sent two fiery blows and well-aimed sizzling kick at him  which paralleled him on the ground then held him by the neck back to our original place awaiting police.”

Ironically, I heard the mugger plead ‘ Call the police then!’ because he was scared I was going to beat him up more.” 

The photo of the mugger and I latter trended on Instagram, posted by UFC president Dana with the hashtag #badidea. He is lucky to have survived the wrath of Polyana Viana.

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