Japan Stuns with its Beauty

Japan stands out as one of the most natural countries in the world . There you fin the fusion of traditional life and modern times. To be precise, it is a timeless nation!

Japan looks extremely modern from afar but traveling across it brings out the authentic traditional nature of Japan. Among the institutions where the traditional culture is practiced is the famous ryokan. This is a traditional inn and where you sleep on Japanese style tatami mats.

Paddling through the wooden halls brings out the essence of Japanese culture. The ability of Japan to enthrall any kind of traveller is further aided by geisha traditional dances together with the charming gardens.

Most importantly, Japan’s regions all have their own famous dish. From sushi on the coast to Okonominyaki in Osaka. These recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. In addition to this, the slender, highly volcanic and long archipelago with the hot springs greatly attracts the tourists. Also, the warmer months welcome hikers, making Japan a year-round destination. 

Moreover, Japan has a very extensive public transport system that makes it easy to get around. The bullet trains together with the subway networks are a tourist’s dream, making every city accessible. Make your next trip to Japan!


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