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Norway is all about its beauty. It is normally referred to as one of the most beautiful countries on the planet earth. Paying a visit to the country will demonstrate the claim practically following its endless amazing features which characterize its terrain.

The jagged coastline of the country is featuring some amazing fjords as well as cliffs which plunge into the deep sea down below. There are also rocky islands adjacent to the coast which are protruding like apparitions and beautiful to lend a glimpse.  There are a number of outdoor activities including rafting in the seas and hiking of the mountains.

A part from these, one can engage in swimming, dog sledding as well as skiing and snowballing during the winter season. The Scandinavian flair of fashion is depicted in all of the Norwegian culture. This is conceivable in places such as Bergen, Trondheim and Ålesund which are some of the most pictured cities in Europe.

The kind of food prepared in Norway are comparable to none as they are rooted in traditional ingredients which have been used for generations. In terms of wildlife, one will have the opportunity to watch humpback whales and orca in the seas and reindeer, musk oxen as well as elk in the lands. 


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