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Panama is one of those tropical places which offer it all. It is both chilling and thrilling depending on the features you set your eyes on. Both of these extremes offer amazing unforgettable experience in the region.

The place is situated right between the Pacific Ocean to the west and Atlantic Ocean to the east with a joining canal called the Panama Canal. It is therefore having the beauty of amazing beaches on both ends of the land and boat riding as well as rafting characterize the activities at the coast.

Those interested in enjoying sunbathing by the beaches will also have the yearlong summer in Panama. Cosmopolitan nature of the place is making it one of the most diverse places to visit with improvements all over on the traditional structures which have been standing for centuries.

The inland feature some of the largest plantations of coffee which are adorable to adventure into. Deep inland into Santa Fe you will find some of the most amazing waterfalls which are high up with water dropping over 50m down the rock surface. The cutting meanders and interlocking spurs along the river valley all the way to the deltas are amazing features to spend time looking.


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