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This capital of France is a monumental city to visit. It is where you find some of the best museums as well as classical bistros and creative wine bars, design shops without forgetting start-up techs.

The Eiffel tower is one of the most interesting landmarks of the city with its cloud piercing peak. Even though there are a number of classic features in the city, not everything is static; there are post-modern glamorous avenues and contemporary icons in the city too.

These are normally embraced by visiting troops such as the glass sails of the Foundation Louis Vuitton. The culture in Paris is displaying love for cuisine whereby great foods are prepared and almost always served with wine to give it unique class. The beautiful parks of the city offer comforting picnic sites which meet you at the point of your budget.

All manner of shopping including those of toys as well as antique dealers are available at every corner of the city for ease of access and artistic pedigree such as Renoir and Van Gogh. The streets of the city are vibrant and host diverse culture which offers perfect Parisian culture everyone is yearning to have a taste of and never to forget. Welcome to the capital of France!


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