Here and There

Sometimes we are not here nor there. Are we anywhere? Life moves at such a fast pace and yet we forget a moment to just take a deep breathe and soak it all in.

Whatever your worry might be, it will be ok. There is so much going on around us and the world continues to turn. As long as we are living and breathing, there is always a solution to any issue.

Taking some time in your day to yourself to reflect and relax can really help with stress management. Perhaps these pictures from around the world will also have a positive impact.

Lago, Portugal
Art Basel, Miami Beach

A little village tucked away in the mountains of Mallorca, Valdemossa is nothing short of magical. Mallorca is known for its party atmosphere but this little quaint town momentarily makes you feel as if you are in another place, locked in time, with no where to be but there. 

Valdemossa, Mallorca
Gothic Cathedral, Barcelona
Spanish Living
Art Basel, Miami Beach

While winter is hitting most parts of the US Florida overall keeps its warmth. It does not get too cold in the sunshine state with the exception of a few chilly days here and there. 

Winter in Florida
Aerial View, Gothic Quarter
Cartagena, Colombia
Haulover Inlets
Full Moon in the Daytime
Lifeguard, save us please
Sausalito Views
Beach in San Francisco 

Thanks for going through our gallery. We hope you enjoyed it. 

If you have any feedback or anything you want to see more of, just leave drop us a line or two.


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