Hanging in Hawaii

Did I call it Hawaii? No, it is paradise on earth. Let us see why. As climate change corrodes coral reefs across the world, it is Hawaii whose coral reefs have remained intact. Why not call it paradise?

The state features very beautiful beaches to behold as well as volcanic features that will leave you totally amazed. The cones, cinders, craters and subsidiary cones decorate the land scape in a unique manner. Take the viewpoint atop Haleakala volcano  located in Maui, where there are beautiful sunsets and sunrises. All the golden beaches of the state are appealing natural places rarely observable anywhere else on earth. 

Principally all nature based activities and adventures of the state are surfing, hiking across old lava flows in the country, and whale (the largest animal on earth) watching cruises. This floating island in the waters of Pacific is distinctly unique in its cultures and will offer you a scenery you will never get in the USA mainland.

Both ancient descendants of European explorers as well as the modern migrants give the state unique mix of cultures adorable and peacefully coexisting. Pick your ticket and head Hawaii.  


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