Golfing Never Looked This Good

Paige Spiranac is one of the sexiest stars in Golf and is gaining prominence fast.

She nabbed her fans attention by publicizing herself on Instagram by posting the beautiful golf videos. In addition to this, she is known to grab the major modeling gigs that have made her a better person. This year, her fame in the Golf sector has landed her to the sports illustrated swimsuit issue and also the maxim Hot 100. This is so fascinating and she is so inspired.

However, it has never been easy for Spiranac, since she had to learn the hard way. She was a victim of bullying when she was a young girl. Being asthmatic and having a hair condition that almost turned her bald, she was always bullied by the other youngsters.

All the heads are therefore turned to her when she started up an initiative to advocate for victims of bully. These writings are found in the new column at the Golf.Com wall. Also, as an amateur player, it’s amazing how she emerged among the top players even with the broken knee. Notably, she became so spirited when she was forced to quit her career as an elite gymnast by the little accident she had.

Paige Spiranac noted that competition took fun out of the game hence concentrated on the game itself. This therefore made her make golf so sweet and it became part of her life as the mentioned star.


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