Gems in Germany

This is the country across the globe with a soul stirring scenery which will leave you wondering whether you are still on the planet earth or somewhere else in the universe.

The country has diverse cultures as well as some of the biggest cities and very romantic places you could ever imagine. Name it, the dunes towards the northern beaches as well as horizon-touching vineyards and glaciers on top of tall standing mountains and splendor of Alps make the country a place of choice to visit.

Some of the cities to value in Germany include Berlin which doubles as the Capital City of the country, Munich and Hamburg. 

The kind of food ingredients which are offered in the country are more than what you could be thinking of. All the way from sausages and pretzels, roast pork and big unusual mugs for beverages. The seasonal variations in the country make a difference. Both summer and winter present a scenery to behold. Feel most welcome to the land of histories, present and future. 


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