Fun Across the Pond

England is actually a crucible of empire as well as what I will call the mother of democratic parliament in the world. It is eccentric and holds the bulk of history and future of the whole globe we live in. All the ten national parks in the country are rich in biodiversity which one would be willing to learn and appreciate.

Its almost 2800 miles long coastline is one of the longest coastlines in Europe and every one would be willing to have a walk along it all. This is because at every bend there is a unique feature to behold. 

All the traditional historic and pre-historic footprints are well depicted in the modern culture of the country. One could still go back in history of England even beyond 5000 years. Which other country can you go that far?

All the prehistory monuments are still standing tall and offering feast for the eyes of visitors. Think of London, think of football, think of Oxford, think of Bristol’s floating harbor! All that is located in England and is annually attracting the globe.

Urban adventures are very plenty in the country where both traditional hierarchy and modern governing systems are intertwined. They work seamlessly for the united leadership. Welcome to the land of Kings and Queens, England.


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