From Russia With Love

Russia is one of the world’s largest countries. It has vast features that make it very prominent. It is endowed with beautiful historic sites, nightlife that is beverage-fueled, artistic riches, and an idyllic countryside. 

The historic components in Russia are the ancient walled fortresses, spired churches and fascinating palaces. Most importantly, St. Petersburg and Moscow are the center of politics, the country’s treasures, and the contemporary creativity in Russia. Moreover, surrounding these cities you can find other historical villages and towns. These towns have vistas dotted with picturesque gingerbread cottages that all contribute to the beauty of Russia.

Also, Russia is an inspiring country to the arty and adventurous writers and artists. This inspiration comes from the literary greats in the country like Pushkin and Tosloy. Adventure is also easy to come by in Russia because of the presence of the Caucasus mountains, Atali Republic white-water rafting, and the active volcano in Kamchatka.

However, it is important to note that despite its size Russia is easily accessible to visiting tourists. This is because of the accommodative western-style hotels and the ease of the travel within the country. On the other hand, inconveniences can be experienced at the places far from the urban centers.This is worth the trouble as he hospitality of the Russians as it is immeasurable.


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