Chillin in Chile

Chile is a source of natural beauty and its travel is usually made easy especially with determination. It stretches from the center of South American. It is amazingly thin and elongated extending down to the driest desserts and up to the glacial fields in the North.

Notably, the diverse landscape is characterised by the fertile valleys, ancient forests, massive glaciers, fjords and parched dunes which are worth giving a glimpse or more. Of importance is the nature and detail on a symphonic scale. It is however mind-boggling for the travellers to experience the sweetness of the intact Chile. 

The backyard intimacy is fostered by the close borders in Chile that is bookended by Pacific Ocean and Andes Ranges with sharp contrast in altitude. There is existence of the same people with so much hospitality that makes the travellers to feel more at home. This allows the relaxation mood as the integral of the local life in the country.

Chile is characterized by the slow adventure through pedalling through the chunky gravel; of the Carretera Austral and later on through the oxcarts granting thrilling experience at every bend.

Chile has a wine culture. Before wine was made an export product, it has a common place in Chilean’s lifestyle. Take a visit to Chile to have first-hand experience of this wonder world of contrasting landscape and culture.


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