Bikini Shower Video of Instagram Model Failed Terribly

At least there is a sense of humour in it. 

For every post that many different models share on Instagram, at least one of them turn out to be what was never expected.

However, instead of Charly Jordan deleting her bikini shower video which had an epic failure, she went ahead to post the clip on Instagram which went amusingly awry.

As Jordan was closing her eyes she leaned over to a gently flowing stream of warm water. The shower head plucked off from its mounting and hit her straight in the forehead. 

The post which has received over 250,000 likes, is part of her most popular posts. It was captioned: “When you are hit with that ‘k’ reply…”

One user commented on the post saying that Jordan’s forehead will have a mark from the hit.

The other one wrote: “Boom, it hit her head!”

A third user sympathized with her saying, “I laughed so hard while watching this repeatedly but I can feel the pain in it… I hope all is well with your head.”

Hey, any Instagram model out there can find this situation very frustrating. Take a look at some of Jordan’s best poses:


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