Bad Ideas for the Weekend 4

This is a country which is featuring some of the best known old cities and towns of the globe which have intact century old walls. It is giving a real life into the original state of the country as it were.

The main attraction of the country however is embedded in its beautiful beaches and coastline which is having beautiful sands and coral reefs rarely found elsewhere globally. This is making the shores perfect place to read your beloved novel or even listen to some of your best music hits of all times. The Balkans and Europeans crossed the land for millennia with a lot of leftovers depicting the interaction of the two cultures for millennia.

Roman churches as well as Venetian cultures are notable in the lands of Croatia imprinted with indelible ink of history. From the beaches and cliffs at the shore, one meets the inland features of canyons, waterfalls, meanders and interlocking spurs of geographic picturesque.

The culture of sharing is ripe among the Croatians and one will always grasp the native language Jedi! Jedi! Which basically means Eat! Eat! Depicting how the people value togetherness at the table. In conjunction with the cooking culture passed from traditions yonder to date, one will always dream of getting back to Croatia.


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