Bad Ideas for the Weekend 10

Ecuador as a country is compacting a wealth of natural and cultural scenery. Some of these include the splashing white sand beaches which are bathing the shoreline. Time and again in swashes and backwashes.

The beaches are quite interwoven in cultural practices. They are transfixing most of the visiting crews to the country. Both Amazon rainforest as well as Andes grace the country and once can enjoy both easily.

The people of the country are quite welcoming to the visitors and easy to deal with. It is in Ecuador where you will find some of the 17th century churches still intact with people worshiping in them.

There are a number of mansions astride the churches which are still occupied after several generations down the memory line. Hiking Andes can be one of the most fulfilling points of visiting Ecuador considering the several guesthouses along the way up from where one can spend night on a number of occasions.

Doe-eyed sea lions as well as iguanas are in plenty among other wildlife in Ecuador which are worth watching. The scenery of Ecuador is not ending without the Ayampe and Olon which are quite charming places in the Galapagos worth taking time to visit while in Ecuador. Welcome to Ecuador for Ecuadorian life. 


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