Asian Persuasion

Well, this is the largest of all the continents in the world by size. It therefore goes without question that Asia features some of the most unique cultures as well as geographic endowments. All the way from Kazakhstan to Hanoi it stretches across huge expanses of nature and culture.

Millions of travelers who have crisscrossed the continent have endless stories to tell and will never put a full stop as the place is just unique. The greatest historical cultures and developments from the continent have left marks across numerous sites including Great Wall of China and Temples of Angkor. These are amazing places of wonder to visit. 

The continent includes grassland teaming with wildlife and woodlands as well as thick impenetrable forests. You won’t miss glimpsing a hot desert as well as a cold desert when you are in Asia!

This all adds up to give the content almost all climates of the world.  Food consumed in the continent is quite diverse all the way from sea foods at the shores to the fresh inland foods in the interior of the continent.

Red hot curies of India as well as pad thai of Thailand and dumplings of China characterize major foods in the continent. Advances in technologies are also evident in the great cities of Asia. Pay a visit. 


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