6 Warnings Signs Associated With a Heart Attack

Never just be disturbed by chest-crushing pain, watch these too.

The normal filmed collapse while holding on the chest is not enough to define real-life heart attack. As Dr. James Park of Texas Health Dallas puts it, most patients experience symptoms of heart attack before the incident.

  • Physical exhaustion – sudden exhaustion has been medically linked with weakening of left ventricle and should be taken seriously. 
  • Leg cramping while walking – burning feeling in the legs which forces one to stop in between the journey is a potential indicator of heart related issues.
  • Serious snoring – buzz kind of breathing is a depiction of poor heart functioning which could develop into heart attack.
  • Feeling stomach sick – proximity of stomach and heart nerves could lead to confusion making heart problems to be sensed as stomach problems.
  • Strange anxiety – anxiety symptoms such as gasping and palpitations adds stress to the heart and may trigger heart attack.
  • Bloated stomach – food eaten may influence bloating of the stomach, however, when this happens all over the body, it could be heart-based.

In case of these, one should contact a doctor or call 911 in case of classic symptoms. Improving overall health could see off most of these. 


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